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Ways To Meet New Client’s Internet Marketing Needs ASAP

Connecticut SEO Experts utilizes the following methodology to develop client SEO strategy. We modify our procedures to fit a client’s specific requests and needs. Here are the nuts and bolts of what to do to improve client’s Google keyword rank and local keyword rank.

Determine SEO Tasks, Strategies and Goals


1. Perform multiple technical SEO audits from different sources.
2. Research long-tail, local, and Industry specific keywords.

3. Analyze competitor keywords and backlinks to better compete.

4. Examine client’s past history of SEO including success and failures.

5. Learn of client’s most recent SEO efforts.

6. Determine ways to improve the rank of client’s keywords on pages 2 or 3 and rank potentially profitable keywords onto page 1 by using long-tail, local, or industry-specific versions of the keywords.  Use On-SIte SEO. Improve content or links for those keywords.

7. For client’s most valuable keywords we begin with on-site SEO.  Implement new synonyms or long-tail versions of keywords discovered during initial research ensuring keywords are in proper tags, headers, URLs, internal links or elsewhere to improve results.

8. Increase local SEO results by prioritizing citation directory profiles and submit to strong citation directories so the client will be included in Google’s top 3 map pack.


SEO Tasks: Take Responsibility and Set Goals With Client


  • If Multiple  Technical SEO Audits Found Warnings or Errors Negatively Impacting On-Site SEO Resolve Issues ASAP.
  • Multiple Website Speed Reports. Establish Baseline Speed Result. Resolve Errors To Increase Google Page Speed Score.
  • Research Long-Tail Keywords, Local Keywords, And Competitor Keywords.
  • Use Professional SEO Tools To Determine Strategies Which Work For Higher Ranking Competitors.
  • Install Yoast SEO and Any Plugins Needed For SEO, Caching, Minification of CSS and JS, or Site Speed.
  • Create Local SEO  Optimization Plan.
  • Optimize Google My Business Page.
  • Perform Mobile Friendliness Test and Compare to Google’s Requirements.
  • Optimize Meta Titles & Descriptions.
  • Ensure On-Site Content Page Format Meets SEO Best Practice Levels Including Proper Use of Page Headers.
  • Compress All Images With a Variety Of Software To Improve Site Speed.
  • Add Alt-Text To Images.
  • SCHEMA, JSON, and Rich Snippets Implemented To Improve SEO.
  • Create Link Building Strategy.
  • Submit Sitemap To Google.
  • Create Reports Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Connecticut SEO Experts doesn’t offer locked-in long-term contracts. We find our clients are better served by providing SEO consulting services at an hourly rate.